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At Logic Academy, we understand that pursuing education abroad involves not only academic preparation but also navigating complex visa procedures.

At Logic Academy, we understand that pursuing education abroad involves not only academic preparation but also navigating complex visa procedures. Our Visa Procedure Assistance program is designed to provide comprehensive support to students aspiring to study overseas, ensuring a smooth and stress-free transition.

Why Choose Our Visa Procedure Assistance program?

Studying abroad opens doors to new opportunities and experiences, but the process of obtaining a student visa can be overwhelming. Our program aims to simplify this process and empower students with the necessary information and guidance.

Key Features of Our Program:

  • Commitment to Transparency and Ethics:
    Our foundation is built on integrity. We believe in being transparent and ethical in all our interactions, ensuring that our students receive the most accurate and honest guidance throughout their journey.
  • Complimentary Initial Counselling and Profile Evaluation:
    We begin with a FREE initial counseling session and an in-depth profile evaluation. This helps us understand your aspirations, strengths, and goals, enabling us to tailor our guidance to your individual needs.
  • Expert USA-Educated Counsellor:
    Our team includes counselors who have firsthand experience with the US education system. They offer insights and advice based on their personal educational journeys.
  • High Visa Success:
    With a track record of high visa success rates, Logic Academy stands as a testament to our effective and meticulous guidance.
  • Competitive Consulting Fees:
    We believe that quality guidance should be accessible to all. Our consulting fees are competitive and provide exceptional value for the comprehensive services we offer.
  • Research-Driven Counselling:
    Our guidance is informed by rigorous research. We keep up-to-date with the latest visa regulations and trends to provide the best advice to our students.
  • Holistic University and Program Selection:
    We assist in selecting universities and programs that align with your profile, interests, budget, and location preferences. Our aim is to find the best fit for your educational journey.
  • Admission Assistance for Top-Ranking Universities:
    We offer support for securing admissions in prestigious universities worldwide, ensuring your academic aspirations are met.
  • Guidance on Scholarships and Assistantships:
    Our team assists you in identifying and applying for scholarships, research positions, and teaching assistantships that can alleviate financial burdens.
  • Comprehensive Application Preparation:
    From drafting compelling resumes and admission essays to obtaining strong recommendation letters, we ensure that your application stands out.
  • Thorough Visa Interview Preparation:
    We provide meticulous guidance and thorough interview preparation to boost your confidence and success in visa interviews.
  • Pre-Departure and Post-Visa Support:
    Our commitment extends beyond the visa approval. We offer pre-departure orientation and assist with practical arrangements such as passport tracking, travel insurance, and forex.
  • 24/7 Availability and Individual Attention:
    Our dedicated team is available 24/7, 365 days a year. We offer individual attention and guidance whenever you need it.
  • Employment Guidance:
    We assist in navigating employment opportunities, including on-campus and off-campus internships, placements, and work permits.
  • Airport Pickup and Accommodation Arrangements:
    We ensure a smooth arrival by arranging airport pickups and helping with accommodation arrangements.

At Logic Academy, we are not just a visa assistance provider; we are your partners in realizing your international education dreams. With our comprehensive range of services, you can focus on your academic journey while we take care of the logistical and procedural details.

Contact us today to embark on your international education journey with confidence and comprehensive support.

Visa Assistance Results

Darwin Bhatt

Admits : Washington University in St.Louis, Olin Business School

Course : - MBA

Details About Scholarship :- Received an Oiln Scholarship for the full Tuition Fees $132,355.00.

Naiya Patel

Admits: University of Findlay, Ohio, California State University San Marcos , Wright State University Dayton, Ohio, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, New Jersey

Course : - Animal Science

Details About Scholarship :- Received $7,500 Scholarship Per Semester for a Total of $15000 per Year.

Preya Patel

Admits : University Of Glasgow University of Strathclyde

Course : - MSC in International Finance Analysis

Details About Scholarship :- Received Adam Smith Business Scholarship 7500 Pound.

Shipra Goswami

Admits : University of Nevada, Reno

Course : - PhD in Biochemistry

Details About Scholarship :- Received Fully funded Scholarship.

Samad Vahora

Admits : IIT Architecture Chicago

Course : - Master of Architecture, Advanced Standing Degree Program

Details About Scholarship :- Received $28380 scholarship ,a Teaching Assistant Fellowship in an amount between $2,500 and $4,800 per semester and paid ten week summer internship.

Manank Shah

Admits : TU Delft, Netherland

Course : - MS in Structural Engineering

Anya Patel

Admits : University of Colorado, Denver, San Francisco State University, Cal State University, Los Angeles

Course : - Undergrad Psychology Program

Details About Scholarship :- International Student Merit Scholarship Award of $30,000.

Rudra Menon

Admits : Arizona State University University at Buffalo

Course : - Undergrad Aerospace Engineering Program

Details About Scholarship :- International Student Merit Scholarship Award ranging from $10,000 to $15,000 per Annum.

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