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Logic Academy is not just an Academy; it is a profound philosophy that emerged when its founder, Mr. Nishant Patel, commenced writing the book “Cracking the CAT” in 2003. This endeavor laid the foundation for an extraordinary venture. Subsequently, Mr. Patel went on to publish six other immensely successful books, encompassing premier aptitude tests such as the GMAT and the GRE.

Throughout its remarkable 20-year journey, Logic Academy has taken immense pride in mentoring over 45,000 students from India and abroad. The impact of its guidance and mentorship has been far-reaching, shaping the lives and careers of thousands of individuals.

Who are We?




Unlike any others, we do not advocate memorizing tricks or relying on manuals. Our approach transcends formula-based mathematics and instead hones the essential skill of common sense, which serves as a fundamental key to solving aptitude questions in any premier competitive exam.

At Logic Academy, we prioritize delivering classroom sessions of the utmost quality. Our pedagogy is characterized by a superior, humane, and personalized approach. These aspects form the cornerstone of our educational practices.

University Associations

Logic Academy has been the aptitude partner with many Universities in the past two decades.  Apart from mentoring students at our centres, we also mentor students on college campus.

In fact, the first student who made it to IIM Ahmedabad from Nirma University was a student of Logic Academy.

A glimpse of our Associations 🙂

Core Team

Success in competitive examinations is not just about knowledge; it’s about strategy, perseverance, and believing in your own capabilities.

Nishant Patel – Founder

Nishant, with an MBA specializing in Financial Management, has been actively involved in the field of education for over two decades. His expertise and guidance have made him highly sought after among graduate students, earning him immense popularity within the student community.

Nishant’s contributions extend beyond his counselling efforts. He has authored a series of best-selling books focusing on preparatory literature for competitive examinations. Some notable co-authored titles :

  1. “Cracking the CAT”
  2. “Cracking the Quant”
  3. “Cracking the English Comprehension Test”
  4. “Cracking the Test of Reasoning and Data Interpretation”
  5. “Cracking the MBA/MAT” (Also includes past XAT-IIFT-NMAT-SNAP Papers with detailed solution)
  6. “Cracking the GMAT”
  7. “Cracking the GRE”

Among these, “Cracking the GRE” has garnered praise from reputable sources like The Hindu, a leading newspaper.

In addition to his literary contributions, Nishant has also established a prominent presence in print media. He wrote a regular column titled “Target GCET” in the education supplement of Sandesh every Monday, with a readership of over 1 million copies. Furthermore, he co-authored a regular column in the education and career supplement of The Times of India, empowering students across India and instilling the belief that they can conquer any competitive examination, be it the CAT, GRE, or GMAT.

Nishant’s passion for sharing knowledge extends to public speaking engagements. He frequently conducts seminars and workshops on the subject of “Nuts and Bolts of Competitive Examinations,” engaging with audiences through his insightful presentations.

Hetal Patel’s multifaceted dedication, from her gold medal achievement to her impactful social endeavors, illuminates Logic Academy with vibrancy and strength.

Hetal Patel – Co-founder

Hetal Patel, a gold medallist from Gujarat University, embarked on her career in education by teaching at various institutions for a period of four years. Hetal possesses a multifaceted personality and excels in communicating with people from all walks of life. Her endeavours extend beyond education as she actively leads numerous social causes, effecting positive changes in the lives of the underprivileged.

Within Logic Academy, Hetal serves as a cornerstone, efficiently managing operations with her radiant personality and unwavering dedication. Her presence brings vibrancy and strength to the organization, ensuring its smooth functioning and success.

Bipin Patel’s multifaceted career blends extensive government service with a passion for literature and education, showcasing a remarkable breadth of expertise.

Bipin Patel – Co-founder

Bipin Patel brings a wealth of experience to Logic Academy, having served the Government of Gujarat in various departments for over 35 years. Notably, he played a significant role in SPIPA (Sardar Patel Institute of Public Administration), where he coordinated the foundation course for IAS/GAS in collaboration with senior officers. His tenure in senior positions across different departments exemplifies his extensive knowledge and expertise in government affairs.

Apart from his distinguished career, Bipin Patel is an ardent reader with a broad range of interests spanning disciplines such as political science, philosophy, history, and literature. He has even shared his expertise by teaching the art of translation at Gujarat University. Bipin is also recognized as a prominent Gujarati short-story writer, displaying his literary prowess. His proficiency extends to both English and Gujarati languages, allowing him to seamlessly translate stories and plays between the two languages.

His enduring bond with students reflects the profound impact of genuine mentorship and care in shaping successful futures.

Kartik Baldwa – Chief Mentor

After completing his engineering degree in Computer Science and pursuing an MBA in Finance, he briefly worked with Infosys and thereafter as Operations Head in Manufacturing Sector. He believes in ‘Ikigai’ – a Japanese word which translates to “reason for being.” According to him, everyone has an Ikigai and he found his in mentoring and counselling young minds to path of happy and successful career. Ever since, he has been mentoring students preparing for various entrance exams such as the CAT, JEE, GRE, GMAT, IPMAT, SAT and more.

With over 10 years of teaching experience under his belt, he has successfully guided and mentored over 5000 students. His engaging teaching style makes his classes lively, informative and a favourite amongst the student’s fraternity.

He has a remarkable ability to remember each and every student he has ever taught, and he maintains strong connections with them even after years have passed. Moreover, his students also value their relationship with him and make an effort to stay in touch. This enduring bond speaks volumes about his impact as a teacher and mentor, as well as the genuine care and interest he shows in the lives and accomplishments of his students. Such lasting connections are a testament to the trust, respect, and lasting impression he leaves on those he guides and supports.

In addition to his teaching pursuits, he is an avid traveller, exploring diverse cultures and landscapes. He also channels his creativity through writing poetry, showcasing his artistic side. Through his multifaceted approach, he not only equips students with the necessary skills for competitive exams but also nurtures their holistic growth and development and engaging students to learn valuable life skills.

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1) Sanjay Chaudhary, Dean of Students at Ahmedabad University
2) Suman Bisht, Veteran Verbal Trainer
3) Pranav Patel, Overseas Admissions & Visa Consultant, MBA (New York)
4) Chirag Patel, Director, Brothers Group
5) Kandarp Mehta, IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain
6) Naitik Sabugolawala, Amazon, USA
7) Nisarg Shah, Torrent Power, Ahmedabad
8) Amul Agarwal, Torrent Pharmaceutical, Germany
9) Kunal Shah,Development Bank of Singapore, Ahmedabad
10) Vishal Dave, Investment Consultant
11) Khevna Patel, MS in Instructional Design and Technology, CSU Fullerton, USA
12) Priyanka Trivedi, Canada
13) Palak Juva, PDEU
14) Prashant Pareek, Accredited Management Teacher (AMT), Ahmedabad
15) Tapan Patel, Experienced IT Professional, Australia
16) Sheel Patel, San Jose, California, USA
17) Nidhi Anarkat, Harvard University
18) Nitin Pillai, MICA
19) Happy Sanghadia, IIM Calcutta, American Express
20) Adil Vahora, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA
21) Trushit Vaishnav, Virginia Tech, USA
22) Keyur Mehta, Texas A&M University, USA
23) Faisal Malek, FMS, Delhi, Air India
24) Heet Gandhi, NMIMS, Mumbai
25) Darwin Bhatt, Washington University in St.Louis, Olin Business School, USA

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