It’s a never ending journey of a student and a mentor. It’s a journey to future. Yes, I’m talking of my 1st introduction to Nishant Sir and what has started since then. It has been more than 3 and half years since I’m in touch with him. I was in fifth semester when I joined the Logic Academy.

I joined Logic Academy because of its completely different approach towards developing commonsense for competitive exams. The sole purpose of academy to develop logic for all exams together is something really different. This is the academy where you have to understand that, it’s your responsibility to learn as much as you can, learning is never ending process. Practice is must to succeed in today’s competition. However intelligent one would be, if one don’t practice intelligence takes him nowhere.

Practice sessions at academy were designed so well that it covers all fundamental concepts, which for most of students including me become blur after two-three years of college time. The practice of actual CAT, GRE and GMAT questions added great confidence in me. I have to tell that I solved CAT papers two times.

My main target was GRE, but during the journey Nishantsir’s faith carried me to the unique experience of interview for IIM Kozhikode after cracking CAT with 91 percentile. This whole procedure gave me one more inclination in life, to look at all the possible gates available for you and there’s nothing wrong to consider the completely different path than what you have thought of.

On the basis of GRE score I applied to various universities. And at last I got admission at TU Delft, Netherlands. In between I have gone through numerous ups and downs, but continuous guidance of Nishantsir and academy helped me a lot to come over all hurdles, whether it’s statement of purpose, analytical writing section of GRE, curriculum vitae or anything where I got stuck.

One thing I have to say is the emotional touch which Nishantsir share with his students has no match. Whenever I talked with him regarding all admission stuffs, he guided with full involvement which is incredible. Even now when I’m at Delft he has always asked me how I am doing! This has made a lot of difference for Logic Academy and it has become like family.

At last I would just like to say that career setting is the stage of life when one need true guidance and personal attention, and Logic Academy gives full guidance be it anything in your career.

Nisarg GandhiNirma University Received call from IIM Kozhikode. Placed with General Motors during campus recruitment. Scored 315 out of 340 in revised GRE computer based test. Secured admission at TU Delft, Netherlands (Ranking 33 for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)

My Experience at Logic Academy

There are 2 ways to undertake any journey, you either put your faith in someone who knows the road, or you try to figure it out by yourself, on your own terms. And then at Logic Academy I found a third way. I made my own terms, carved my own road and my guide put his faith in me. I gave Nishant Sir my schedule, my constraints and my terms and surprisingly, every time he had a plan to work things out without putting any pressure on me. I am really surprised at how smoothly things have functioned for me at Logic Academy.

To call the academy just another CAT coaching institute would be blasphemous for me, for here i have found a true sense of understanding of myself as a student, my strengths and my weaknesses regularly assessed and rectified. I believe in the unique pedagogy of Logic Academy because it is exactly what is needed when you appear for these exams. The CAT and its litter all test your basic logical skills, and not your mathematical or verbal skills as per your old textbook. When you are finished with your graduation, and looking for a seat in post-graduation at the premier institutes of the country and the world, it is well known to them that you know your textbooks and your formulae. What these exams want to test is something over and above these basic rules - your intrinsic logical and reasoning skills; and truth be told, not everyone is born with these. However, these skills can be developed, and as a student at Logic I have developed these skills and that has helped me to score so well.

However, it is not just the faculty or the pedagogy that separates Logic, it's the infrastructure as well. Before my exams I would always spend at least a month from morning to evening at the computer in the academy and have always received good support from the administration whenever I needed. I have always been an avid reader, and found some of the books I had been looking for a long time, in the library of Logic academy. So, indeed as fateful as it may seem, Logic Academy fit me like a hand in glove and it has been a uniquely exhilarating and gratifying experience for me and my advice to anyone thinking about joining here would be the same. Give it a shot!!

Devashish ShirolkarIndus Institute of Engineering and Technology, Ahmedabad Scored 700 out of 800 on the GMAT. Scored 326 on the GRE Revised General Test Scored 94.3 percentile in CAT. Secured admission with Institute of Management Technology- Ghaziabad.


It is often said that graduation years are the best period of one’s life. But what most people do not say is that it is also, without exaggeration, one of the most desperate, uncertain and frustrating part of one’s life. These are make or break years of one’s life. Everybody is full of energy and dedication to work hard and make something out of them. There is a whirlwind of choices going around and nobody has a clue what they would do. This is where everybody needs a mentor and few are lucky to find one. I was lucky that I found Logic Academy because for me, it was not only a learning experience, it was a transforming one. The reason that I say that I am lucky is due to the unique features of Logic Academy that cannot be found anywhere else.

Unique Pedagogy

The classroom sessions are specially designed to be very effective. Each and every question tested my mental faculties to its limits be it kittens or brainteasers. So much so that I didn’t need to put in any extra efforts at home and was also able to concentrate on my Engineering studies (I got 985 rank in GATE and got call from IIT-Bombay for M-Tech. Not that I am boasting, but just to prove the point).
Also the verbal sessions are conducted very differently from other places. There are absolutely no words to be remembered. I cannot even begin to describe how much I liked not memorizing those dreadful word lists. The roots, word power and my personal favorite word game have ensured that verbal learning was enjoyable.

General Awareness

The General Awareness session is the Hallmark of Logic Academy’s Unique Pedagogy. It was my personal favorite at Logic Academy. It has helped me in the preparation of interviews and written tests more than anything else. And it was also a sheer pleasure to attend. A special thanks to Bipin sir for conducting some of the most enjoyable General Awareness sessions… You have ensured that we grow up to be informed citizens of our country.

Motivation and Mentorship

Motivation and Hope are the lifeblood of any student. Nothing made my day as it did when I walked up the door to Nishant sir’s office to see him smiling ear to ear and asking “Hello there!! How’s everything going?” This motivation is what has helped me to achieve my dreams. Thank you Nishant sir for believing in me more than anybody else, including myself. It is from Nishant sir that I have understood the importance of keeping options. I had entered Logic academy to prepare for GRE. But on his insistence, I gave CAT and then realized that management studies is what I wanted to do. If it had not been for logic Academy, I would have chosen a completely different career without even exploring my options.

The philosophy at Logic Academy is to make learning a matter of joy, and it is followed very religiously. There are no words powerful enough to convey my thanks to Logic Academy but I would say one thing that the true wealth that I have gained here is the cord of relation with my mentor… And it will be cherished forever in my life. All the people who are members of the Logic Academy family will understand what I am saying and for the rest of you who are in a dilemma of whom to choose as your mentor, I’d say that that cord of relation is open to you too… Just give it a shot.

Happy SanghadiaNirma University, Ahmedabad Secured calls from IIM- Calcutta, Lucknow, Kozhikode, Indore, Shillong, Rohtak, Ranchi, Raipur, Tiruchirappalli, Udaipur and Kashipur. Scored 323 out of 340 in revised GRE computer based test. Placed with Tata Motors during campus recruitment. Secured 985th rank in GATE and got call from IIT-Bombay for M-Tech. Selected at IIM- Calcutta.

I am very grateful to LOGIC ACADEMY for giving me the opportunity to share my learning experience with you all.

For me LOGIC ACADEMY is my second home where I love to go anytime. I learnt many new things within 1 year. Every session was very interesting and knowledgeable. I will never forget the enjoyable Word power and root learning sessions. If I talk about Nishant sir, the way he taught was amazing and easiest to learn. The way he taught concepts, I don’t think anyone else can teach so easily and conceptually .To solve the quantitative aptitude within 2-3 minutes gives you a lot of satisfaction. And Bipin sir’s news sessions were very informative. They improved my general knowledge and awareness. All Members are very friendly, helpful and loving which make us like one family

They help us to improve on our week areas, guide and motivate us for the future as per our interest . They provide many online and written material for practice . They provide positive, amiable and dynamic environment for study.


Komal JakasaniaNirma University Placed with Wipro during campus recruitment.

I was in 3rd year of my engineering when I came to know about Logic academy through my friend. I was planning to prepare for CAT so I visited the academy and met Nishant Sir for the first time. After having discussion with him I was sure to have CAT coaching at Logic Academy. And since the first day of my coaching I have enjoyed each and every sessions. Nishant Sir and Bipin Sir had made each and every session so live and interesting. Apart from CAT studies, I have learnt so many things under their guidance. I gained so much self confidence after joining the academy. They helped me a lot in improving my presentation skills as well as communication skills. They motivated me a lot to increase my reading habbits. They helped me in my overall development as a good human being. Each and every day that i spent in Logic academy was full of knowledge and fun. Self learning sessions, online exams, kittens solvings, everything helped me a lot. All the staff members are so kind and helpful. Nishant Sir, Bipin Sir, Rupesh sir, Neha didi,Ashmita mam.. everyone helped me a lot through out my journey in Logic academy. They are like a family to me. Now when I have completed my coaching, connection with Logic academy will always remain as it is. Logic academy has always been like my second home..!!

Nishi ShahNirma University Secured call from Nirma Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Placed with Wipro during campus recruitment.

Mon voyage (My Journey)

It all began one day when our college faculty announced that we will be given a short expert lecture by a coaching institute named Logic Academy on how to crack different competitive exams for pursuing higher studies. Well, to be honest the first thought that came to my mind was that this was another one of those publicity and marketing strategies employed by coaching institutes to lure students. I don’t blame myself for thinking on such lines but let me admit, such expert lectures were very common in our college and every one had the same propaganda: To convince you that they are the best institute in town for so and so exams. But sitting in an auditorium with centralized air conditioners during the blistering summers were a rare luxury and despite knowing what was to come I found myself sitting in the auditoriums with my other colleagues to listen to a representative from Logic Academy.

Once it all started I realized that it was entirely different from the grandiloquent talks given by experts of the institutes who came before them. Their talk centered on exposing the myths surrounding competitive exams rather than talk about themselves. By the end of the session I realized that one need not be a math wizard or a Don of English language to be able to crack such exams. It was all about proper guidance, awareness of the system, thinking out of the box (a phrase used frequently by everyone quite often but practiced only by a few) and of course perseverance. The message that they gave in that session was clear “Logic and technique always win over formulae and memory”. This gave a ray of hope for lesser mortals like me and made me realize that the world of so called tough competitive exams is after all not impenetrable.

The very next week I decided to give it a shot and find out if they really meant what they spoke or whether their words were mere sophistical. I was curious and decided to ditch it if I found it no different from conventional modes of teaching. I presumed that they will modify and rearrange the prevalent ways of imparting knowledge and present it in a way which seemed innovative. I even dreaded at the thought of visiting old Mr. Wren and Martin’s house to relearn my grammar or cramming up high school formulae again. So it was a big surprise for me when the session started off with a word game from a famous newspaper crossword followed by learning mathematical formulae using anecdotes and pure deduction skills. This was something new. By the end of the session I knew that I had to come here again and so I did and thus began Mon Voyage with the institute.

You might agree with me that right since childhood most of us have treated the phrase “Playful Learning” as an oxymoron and have hardly derived pleasure from our academic learning (This line does not apply to nerds). But here I was, sitting in a classroom where my thoughts and thinking were not governed by traditional education system (I don’t want to start a debate), where making mistakes was not condemnable but a means to learn from, where presenting your ideas was as important as knowing the answer, where “Out of Box” thinking was not just a trite term but a principle which was practiced and above all I realized that education for them (the institute) was not simply business but a passion. I don’t have enough words to explain how I fell in love with the “Origin of Words” and the “Roots of English Language” which one of our faculties prepared with painstaking effort. I found it to be a more fruitful and exhilarating way of improving my vocabulary rather than reading word lists from bestseller books or cramming up the dictionary. I know that some of you reading this have the knack of performing such daunting tasks (of reading a dictionary) but most of us do not and it will be quiet imprudent to do so. Tell me one thing: What do you remember the most? Lessons from your high school textbooks or stories, epics and legends you’ve heard in your childhood days or read in a book? I think we all know the answer. The essence is clear; technique and approach are as important as having a sharp memory. You can’t do much about your memory after a certain stage, but the former two are the skills which can be learned. I experienced that the pedagogy of this institute rests on this foundation.

One more thing which I’d like to mention here is the group discussion and debating sessions we used to have once a week. This may not sound a phenomenal thing per se but you’ll realize the sheer amount of reading one must do to convincingly put your point in such discussions. This was quiet informative and helped in enhancing my speaking skills. As it’s said “A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge”. The reason I’m mentioning this is because most of us have the tendency to start reading only couple of months before the final showdown at the interviews. These sessions played a crucial role in inculcating in me the habit of reading newspapers and books regularly and keeping me updated with what’s happening in the world around us. I still cherish those Friday evenings in my memories.

You might be wondering why I haven’t mentioned anything about the ubiquitous test series and weekly/daily tests that you associate with a coaching institute. I know you expect me to sing laurels about how challenging and brain taxing the questions prepared by the institute is. But I would like to disappoint you here. Even the finest questions are useless if they are prepared using mere speculation of the author about what question might be posed in an exam. It may happen that you practiced solving a Sudoku and they ended up asking a question on Crossword even though both of them expect you to tickle your brain cells but each requires a different approach. I found the questions prepared by the institute, taken from official guides along with their own detailed, independent and lucid explanations. I have greatly benefited from this as it gives one a clear idea of the logic and concepts tested. I also would not like to bore you with the statistical data showing the number of students from the institute who have been accepted into prestigious institutes. The best institute always doesn’t ensure success unless you couple it with the right attitude and effective utilization of resources. I have always felt that it matters where you study but it also does matter what you do at the place you study. The rest I leave it to your judgment and reasoning.

Finally it would be unscrupulous if I don’t mention and express my humble gratitude to all the faculties who have in some way or the other played a pivotal role in grooming me and making me what I am today. I owe a great deal and am forever indebted to them.

To those who are reading this last line, thank you for your patient reading. I have tried to keep my views as disinterested as possible. Still if anyone feels my views to be boastful and sophistical, you can derive pleasure by throwing some expletives at me and get on with your life but not before doing what I did before: “Give it a shot!”
Hasta La Vista!

Nitin Pillai Nitin Pillai scored 319 out of 340 on the GRE Revised Computer Based Test. Selected at MICA

Tides of the time - My Journey with Logic Academy

"Logic academy is where I was taught the way I wanted to be taught."

My jaunt with Logic academy started when I was in fourth semester of my engineering studies. I have spent more than 3 years at Logic Academy and I have seen it evolving. Today I am sharing my experience from Reliance township, Jamnagar.

My time at Logic academy was wonderful. It is not just a coaching institute where you go, sit, cram and vomit out on the paper. Rather, it is a platform to develop yourself. The best part of the institute is that everyone is open to new ideas. You have a freedom to express your ideas which is must to develop self confidence. It is one of its kind institute where mentors try to adopt innovative and unconventional approach to education. Institute has given me excellent coaching not only in my quantitative area and verbal area but also helped me to improve my communication skills and presentation skills which are must in today's corporate sector.

Before I joined Logic Academy, I was always concerned about my vocabulary. I always used to wonder that how on the earth a person can remember 3000 odd English words. By the time I was placed with Reliance, I was developing sessions on vocabulary myself. In fact, learning new words became my hobby. I could feel the change in the way I used to talk. This training helps a lot when you deliver a speech on the stage or when you are having a group discussion.

I no longer go to classes at Logic Academy. But I still look up to Nishant Sir whenever I need some advice. I still enjoy in actively participating with Logic Academy.

Trushit VaishnavLDRP, Gandhinagar Placed with Reliance Industries Limited during campus recruitment. Scored 322 on the GRE Revised General Test.

This is home for every MBA/MS aspirant where your family members guide you and stand beside you while you take strong steps towards a bright future, and they nurture you with utmost dedication, enabling you to stand ahead in every competition.

The door of Sir's Cabin is open for clearing any apprehensions that one might face at any time and for everyone.

Vinayak Modi Placed with Reliance Industries Selected at IIM Indore